"I have been meeting with Diana for over a year and have gained so much knowledge and confidence from our sessions. From the very beginning I felt comfortable enough to openly discuss whatever is on my mind without judgment. She has the calm and expertise to listen, offer guidance, and suggest resources for a wide range of topics. With her help I have developed the skills to move through life and the challenges it presents with more ease and grace." - Phoebe C.
"Diana and I have been meeting for 8 months now and I have gained so much from her knowledge and expertise in love and relationships. She has helped me identify my beliefs and boundaries in my relationships with family, friends, coworkers and my significant other. In her compassionate yet firm way she has helped me to evaluate my own self-imposed 'stories' and listen to my mind and body without judgement. I find I am a calmer, more compassionate, self respecting person today. Thank you Diana!" - Adrienne L
"Diana is a wonderful support to me and I look forward to our sessions every time.  She makes our time together so productive that I always leave feeling like I have accomplished something or made a breakthrough." - Madeleine G.
"It is easy to underestimate the progress she helps you achieve and take it for granted because positive changes settle quickly and we  tend to think of them as "always been there."  It sometimes took me  a  thorough look back at myself  "six months ago" or  "a year ago"  that made me realize how far Diana helped me travel.    I highly recommend Diana for anyone who is interested in soul searching deep-dive style." - Natalia L.
"Diana is among the very best, in  my  experience. Her calm, straightforward manner put me at ease instantly. She has always been insightful and helpful. She occasionally also suggests outside readings, which have always proven very useful. I recommend her highly!" - Rob S.
"I began seeing Diana about a year ago when my personal and professional struggles became too overwhelming to deal with on my own. Along the way, I have gained problem solving and coping skills, as well as a greater sense of self. Her kind, gentle nature creates an environment which allows you to feel comfortable opening up. She has a wide range of knowledge and provides great resources. I leave each session feeling more prepared and confident to handle whatever lies ahead!" - P.
"Diana Urman leads a personalized, yet goal-oriented approach to self awareness and discovery. Her compassionate yet direct practices have helped me achieve practical results I have not experienced with other therapeutic methods." - A.
"Specializing in sex and relationships, Diana has given me insight into the most priceless endeavor: fostering and maintaining a healthy, giving, and compassionate relationship with my partner." - S.