• Explore societal beliefs that great sex doesn’t require any planning
  • Learn how to make your sex life more interesting and expand your erotic palette
  • Discover what turns your partner on
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“An erotic fantasy is an image, thought, or feeling within your mind that is sexually interesting to you. Some people think of fantasy as a sexual daydream. Maybe it turns you on just a little bit—so little that you hardly notice. Or maybe it turns you on a great deal. Sexual fantasies may or may not make your body become aroused. A fantasy can be triggered by something you actually see or hear (for example, an attractive person or an erotic picture or story) or it can just pop into your mind out of the blue. It’s very common for people to have fantasies while they masturbate, but it’s also common for people to fantasize while having sex with a partner or while doing virtually anything else”

“To share your sexual quirks and eccentricities with another person is a bold act of self-revelation. No wonder you feel profoundly validated when your partner revels in your self-expression.”

“Most people find that exploring their attractions deepens and enriches them. All of life’s truly great mysteries share this in common: the more you see of their inner workings, the greater is your awe. If you approach your attractions with respect, they will reveal some of their secrets to you. Although you will never figure them out entirely, even small insights can enlarge the arena of your conscious choice—which is always empowering.”

“The Erotic Mind” by Jack Morin