• Explore your fantasies and erotic scripts
  • Learn what seduces you and fuels your attraction to your partner
  • Find out how to de-stress and take care of yourself
  • Explore your relationship with your body image
  • Learn how your relationship with past partners affects your desire
  • Address physical discomfort during sex or past trauma that may affect your desire

“Women are desirable when they express and feel entitled to their own pleasure
Sex appeal is not about your body type; it is about how you move, how you speak, how you express yourself when you feel desirable “

“In short, your ability to feel desirable directly influences your ability to feel desire. And a woman who feels her own desire is inherently more desirable. She shines from within with the power of her passion.”

“The Multi-Orgasmic Woman” by Mantak Chia and Rachel Carlton Abrams