• Discover impediments to your orgasm
  • Learn how to pleasure yourself
  • Teach your partner how to please you

“Since social messages are focused on scaring women away from sex, some women grow to fear sex and may experience psychological or physiological shutdown to sex. These shutdowns include vaginismus (painful spasms of the vaginal muscles leading up to or during intercourse) as well as anorgasmia (the inability to orgasm). Because of the negative messages around female sexuality, many women don’t masturbate and never learn how to give themselves orgasms or how to teach their partner.”

“There are three parts to the damaging myth of the proper orgasm, each of which puts pressure on women and couples to have the right kind of orgasm instead of celebrating every orgasm and all the different kinds of pleasure that are possible during sex. The first is that women are supposed to have unassisted orgasms during intercourse. The second is that women are supposed to orgasm without the use of a vibrator, and the third is that true connection is demonstrated by couples having simultaneous orgasms.”

“Making Love Real” by Danielle Harel and Celeste Hirschman